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Some of the paid-for products mentioned on this page have been already been corrected and updated.  Other downloads are optional enhancements to the Inked Adventures range.


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Screen capture of the playing card box PDF file. Please use the PDF to print from (and not this graphic!)


Boxes for the print-on-demand Playing Cards (May 2015)

Edit (August 2017): Bridge cards size only.  Not applicable to the newer poker sized playing cards.

DriveThruCards (and DriveThruRPG/RPGNow) can provide clear plastic deck boxes with the Inked Adventures Map&Dice Playing Cards upon purchase.  However, some customers prefer a card tuck box.  We are providing a free printable box design for customers to download, which works well when printed to card, trimmed and glued.



Page 8 corridor amendment in Crypts, Tombs & Catacombs

In the first upload of the  ‘Crypts pack the corridor sections on p8 of the PDF were eleven squares long but measured 10 inches.  If you downloaded the first edited of that pack, which has now been amended, please feel free to download the following one page PDF.

P8_Crypts_Corrected_A4 (PDF 800k)
P8_Crypts_Corrected_Letter (PDF 800k)

After feedback and reviews we also felt that Crypts PDF would benefit from some extra “decrepit” rooms and corridor dead-ends.

BonusSheet_A4format_CryptsTombsCatacombs_IA2014 (PDF A4 6Mb)
BonusSheet_USLetterFormat_CryptsTombsCatacombs_IA2014 (PDF Letter 6Mb)

(DriveThruRPG link: )

Replacement Desert Background for Vexing Sands (published through EVG)
Escape Velocity Gaming have no plans to update and republish Vexing Sands. Unfortunately we have no control over EVG’s product line. We are including here the desert backdrop graphic with minimal compression, as the final piece in the PDF suffered from some jagged pixelation.
Desert Sheet Billiam Babble (.PNG 2MB )


Bases for Cardboard MiniaturesClick to download zip file of bases for paper minis

Many players use cardboard miniatures in their games, but often they need a set of bases which matches the design of the floor plans they are using.  These are Inked Adventures own design of bases.    Inked Adventures Cut-Out Bases for Card Minis (zip file 800K)

Bases designs submitted by others may be added soon.



Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections Basic Pack

The following comments and downloads refer to Version 1.0 of the Basic Pack (now updated).  In the meantime here are some notes and supplemental pages:

Large Room with corridor colour flagstones

Subsequent play use of the Basic Pack has highlighted a need for a room which matches exactly the colour of the flagstones in the corridors.

** Free Download: LargeRoomGrey_Bb_IA_2010 (click) **


Stairs Page with shadows.

The stairs page in the Basic Pack, currently lacks shadows.Revised Stairs Page
The assistant artist has since been fed to rats.

** Free Download: IA_Bb_BasicPackextras_IIIstairs_revised  (click) **


Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections Free Sample Pack

Inked Adventures has felt obliged to it’s fans and customers to add an explanation and partial disclaimer to the Free Sample Pack in it’s store description:

Please Note:
Some of the art in this sample pack was prototype art.  Improvements have been made in the Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections Basic Pack – such as back-to-back door alignment, better edging to sections and more accurate alignment between sections and so on.

…  The parchment background in this Sample Pack was designed as part of an ornate showcase “brochure” – which can on some printers be draining on ink – but this is not representative of the backgrounds in the Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections Basic Pack, which are mainly white.  In the future Inked Adventures may be revising the free Sample Pack to make in more printer friendly. Thank you for any feedback or comments, especially with regards to the practicality of the product as a gaming aid.  Bb :)

As with the Basic Pack, we may be releasing a new Sample Pack in the future which will closer represent the quality of our other products and to murder less ink cartridges. ;)


Feedback Welcome!

Some of the Inked Adventures products are discussed in the forums posted on the Links page.

You can email Inked Adventures directly with queries or suggestions
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