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Inked Adventures produce accessories for tabletop roleplaying games. Our popular printable PDF dungeon tiles and cut-up sections can be found on RPGDriveThru and Paizo.
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Simple Caverns Cut-Up Sheets

Posted By on 7th October 2016


Simple Caverns Cut-Up Sheets
Pay-What-You-Want on DriveThruRPG



( Introduction PDF )

Simple Caverns Cut-Up Sheets
Pay-What-You-Want on DriveThruRPG

Smuggler Cavern

Posted By on 23rd September 2016

Smuggler Cavern promo graphic Inked Adventures 2016

Smuggler Cavern – 2 page printable tile (downloadable PDF)
$2.50 usd on DTRPG and RPGNow

Products and Charity news: CARE and Doctors Without Borders

Posted By on 8th April 2016

8th April 2016- This post is very overdue. We’ve received news from Brave Adventures, who led the charity bundle mentioned in the previous post, and wanted to share the figures. We ‘d like to say a big double big thank you to all those who donated by buying, or just sharing the link to, the Dice For Hope bundle, set up to help refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria. Sales from the product bundle mean that $1781 USD * has been donated to CARE ; and the Canadian government will be doubling that by matching the amount dollar for dollar. *( £1245 GBP and $2399 CAD )

The generosity of gamers for what is a effectively a pile of electronic art files is something to behold in these horribly strange and interesting times. Thank you. You guys rule!

On a similar note, on the DriveThru/Onebookshelf sites, our main store pages, Inked Adventures will redirecting profit royalties from most of the main products to the charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF). This is a temporary move whilst our main artist, Billiam Babble, after taking advice, “simplifies his accounts” -for personal reasons (okay, that’s a sort of joke, based in a sort of reality …). We are just as shocked as you at this sudden, anti-capitalist, almost, uncharacteristically, philanthropic move, and must assure followers and loyal customers that he will return to his usual wicked ways at a later date. With the exception of products where the royalty profits already go to other artists, the product pages on the OneBookshelf sites (DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, Wargame Vault) will have been amended to state whether or not a product’s profits will be going to Doctors Without Borders (and/or other charities). We’ve been having a little trouble with the royalties tools, and updating all of the descriptions, but at least now you know what our intentions are.

Our store on DriveThruRPG.

Thanks for reading. May your dungeons continue to be beautiful!


24th June 2016- Update: 

A small number of our a products will still be donating to Doctors Without Borders, but most of the larger products have now been returned to their normal status.  This allows Billiam to again reap the rewards of glorious online capitalism. We must apologise for the moment of philanthropy, which thankfully, has now passed.



Bargain RPG/Tabletop bundle for charity

Posted By on 2nd February 2016

$20 (USD) for $110+ in printable accessories.
(Hosted by Brave Adventures.)
Profits will go to CARE with the intention of aiding refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

Circular Rooms and Tower Levels

Posted By on 23rd January 2016


The Circular Rooms and Tower Levels set contains a selection of hand drawn, round chambers at different widths, with stairs and scenery counters.  Compatible with Inked Adventures dungeon sections and tiles.

Now available to buy on DriveThruRPG, RPGNow and WargameVault.
Reduced price: $4.25 (US dollars, normal price $6) / £3 gbp appx.

Click here to download the free guide with illustrations (PDF 1.5 mb)