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Inked Adventures produce accessories for tabletop roleplaying games. Our popular printable PDF dungeon tiles and cut-up sections can be found on RPGDriveThru and Paizo.
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Free Leafy Dungeon Entrance Tile

Posted By on 17th January 2016


Leafy Dungeon Entrance Printable 6×6 Tile is free to download on DriveThruRPG:


Alternatively, download the PDF from right here:

A4 Page Format (2MB PDF)
Letter Page Format (US) (2MB PDF)

Map and Dice Playing Cards price reduction voucher to offset international shipping cost

Posted By on 11th November 2015


Inked Adventures Map&Dice Playing Cards

Was $12
Now $6.50 USD plus shipping
when using the voucher code below.

Inked Adventures is based in the UK and our Map & Dice Playing Cards are printed in the US.  This is because DriveThruCards provide a print-on-demand and web store service of which there is no equivalent in the UK.  However, our UK, Europe and international customers are sometimes reluctant to purchase due to the high cost of shipping.  In the case of the UK the $12 usd cards cost $11.20 to post, that’s $23.20 or £15.25 in Her Royal Sterling.  The prices DTRPG/RPGNow/DTCards charge for postage are standardised and there is almost no work around for us as a the small publisher.  However, by massively reducing the price of the cards for everyone for a limited period (until January 11th 2016), we’re hoping that this will make our playing cards more palatable to customers outside of the US.  In the case of the UK customer the total order for one pack will now will be $6.50+$11.20=$17.70 or £11.65. Still, not the cheapest price for a novelty roleplaying accessory, but  this reduction is close to the wholesale publisher price which we use to sell to stall vendors (i.e. it’s pretty much as low as we can go).  Of course this will mean our US cousins will be able to get them even cheaper, but hey, we probably have to them to thank for inventing money-off vouchers in the first place.  We really want to share these babies with the world, because, let’s face it, sometimes mass cult-like status can be way more satisfying than money.  We’re also hoping that if customers order now they may still be in time to receive the cards before Christmas.

For DriveThruRPG the download code is:  or



The link code will place the playing cards product in the respective sites shopping basket (then proceed to checkout).

Plastic deck boxes are available to purchase with the playing cards, but you can also print your own box with this free download:
IA_PlayingCardsBox_A4_minimal (PDF, A4 size, print at 100% scale)


Product Page on DTRPG: Inked Adventures Map&Dice Playing Cards

Need Dungeon Themed Gift Wrap?

Posted By on 23rd October 2015


Satin gift wrap Inked Adventures designs (by Billiam Babble) available from Spoonflower.

Geomorphic Megadungeon (beige to sepia shades)

Large Design Grey (“geomorphic dungeon map grey”)



Billiam Babble Profile and Shop on Spoonflower:

Photography by Jack and Lisa Berberette.

Desert Cut-Up Sheets

Posted By on 5th October 2015

Inked Adventures Desert Cut-Up Sheets Cover graphic - Go to DTRPG

Desert Cut-Up Sheets now on Drive-ThruRPG and RPGNow.
Scale: 1in=5ft scale for 25mm-32mm minis
Including bonus Red Planet / Mars Desert Sheets!
$3 usd (£2 gbp and €2.70 Euros appx)

Possible layout using the Desert Cut-Up Sheets

Possible layout using the Desert Cut-Up Sheets
(Click image to enbiggen)

Read Me / Intro to the Desert Cut-Up Sheets (free to download PDF)_

Rugged Explorer ATV Free PDF

Posted By on 16th September 2015

Rugged Explorer ATV on DTRPG

Free sci-fi vehicle printable PDF on DriveThruRPG.