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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards (poker size) Product Page

Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards (poker size) Buy directly from Inked Adventures through Paypal.


  • Randomised dice results for d20, d6 and d100/%
  • Hand drawn geomorph style dungeon areas
  • Descriptive titles for easy reference
  • Portable mapping and dice system, ideal for random play
  • Aging parchment theme
  • 54 cards. 4 suits & 2 Jokers
  • Can also be used as normal playing cards
  • Durable soft plastic case

A Dungeon Master’s essential!  Ideal for roleplayers of games which use d20s, d6s and d%. Especially useful for players planning or exploring dungeons in any fantasy roleplaying game, such as D&D.  Also useful for Savage Worlds and systems which employ playing card based mechanics.

Price: One deck of cards is £12.00 gbp
Free postage within the UK, or +£4.00 gbp international (anywhere outside of UK)



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