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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Loughborough Comic-Con 2017

This is a quick post to thank all those who attended Loughborough Comic-Con 2017 last Sunday, chatted and bought from me, and all the friends and followers on social networks who wished me luck in my first solo-journey into the world of “the real” (I was a little nervous!).  Before now, my stores have been firmly of the web-based kind, but I have been understudying Con’ trading with All Rolled Up UK team, who have taught me much in short space of time.  It was a really great experience and I hardly had time to go around around the Con myself, but, from corner of the eye glimpses, it seems to have been quite a hit with the locals.  Loughborough Comic Con was organised by Creed Conventions.

Inked Adventures table at Loughborough Comic-Con 2017

The Inked Adventures table, just after being set-up in preparation for Loughborough Comic-Con 2017

I totally that recommend that you check out the #loughboroughcomiccon tag on Instagram to get a sense of the variety of displays, celebrities, cosplayers and traders.  (Also on IG: a scavenging Jawa at my stall, deplorable creatures!)   Loughborough Echo article here.


The oft not-photographed Billiam Babble (me, Will) at Loughborough Comic-Con 2017 (Will stands behind stall, looking bemused)

The oft not-photographed Billiam Babble (illustrator-trader, me, Will, seen outside my natural habitat) at Loughborough Comic-Con 2017. Photo courtesy of Mr. J. Bell.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re all having a good week. :)

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