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In an act of very last minute decision making, Inked Adventures will be having a stall at the lesser known, but vibrant, Loughborough Comic-Con, since it is on my very own doorstep, tomorrow, Sunday 22nd October.  I’ll mainly be selling the Map & Dice Playing Cards, laminated flagstone tiles, some dice trays and a selection of things normally only seen on my Etsy store. If, by freaky co-incidence, you are there, be gentle with me, because it’s the first time running being on a stall on my own. ;)

Unfortunately, I have yet to find an economic way to short print-run colour dungeon sections and tiles, with the exception of the Dungeon Cut-Ups Pocket Edition, so there will be no dungeon scenery on the stall, just little packets of cool things. I’m still designing and selling colour dungeon sections as printable PDFs through DriveThruRPG, RPGNow and other sites.

My friends at the All Rolled Up company will be taking a stack of the Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards to Essen Spiel ’17 (26th-29th October 2017).  I worry about my little babies being swamped in one of the mightiest gaming conventions in Europe. ;)  All Rolled Up stock all manner of hand-made tabletop accessories, including the award winning ARU wallets/game-wraps and neoprene dice trays (some of which sport my art), so it’s always an honour knowing that my cards are amongst such good quality stock.


Thanks for reading. Happy Adventuring!

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