Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Need Dungeon Themed Gift Wrap?

| 23rd October 2015

Satin gift wrap Inked Adventures designs (by Billiam Babble) available from Spoonflower. Geomorphic Megadungeon (beige to sepia shades) Large Design Grey (“geomorphic dungeon map grey”) Flagstones Billiam Babble Profile and Shop on Spoonflower: Photography by Jack and Lisa Berberette.

Desert Cut-Up Sheets

| 5th October 2015

Desert Cut-Up Sheets now on Drive-ThruRPG and RPGNow. Scale: 1in=5ft scale for 25mm-32mm minis Including bonus Red Planet / Mars Desert Sheets! $3 usd (£2 gbp and €2.70 Euros appx) Read Me / Intro to the Desert Cut-Up Sheets (free to download PDF)_