Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Rugged Explorer ATV Free PDF

| 16th September 2015

Free sci-fi vehicle printable PDF on DriveThruRPG.

Hinged Dungeon Doors

| 13th September 2015

Printable, openable, closeable doors for dungeons. Hinged Dungeon Doors PDF on DriveThruRPG $2.50 usd, £1.60 gbp.

Pre-printed starship tiles photos

| 5th September 2015

The Starship deck plan 6×6 tiles are designed for use with 25/27/30mm sci-fi figures.  When no figures are available (or are too poorly painted to share with the world) I like to use Lego minifigs. (Inked Adventures is not endorsed by or associated with compulsory fun Danish megacorporation  Lego etc.)  The following photos show examples of how the 6×6 […]