Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Thank you for donating!

| 23rd May 2015

A big “thank you” to all Inked Adventures customers who a answered the call. You guys are fab. We had products in both bundles. Cross posted from Adventures & Shopping blog: The recent charity bundles DTRPG/RPGNow to raise money for earthquake relief in Nepal were both an astounding success. Thank you to anyone reading this […]

Printable Box for Inked Adventures Map&Dice Playing Cards

| 15th May 2015

  DriveThruCards (and DriveThruRPG/RPGNow) can provide clear plastic deck boxes with the Inked Adventures Map&Dice Playing Cards upon purchase.  However, some customers prefer a card tuck box.  We are providing a free printable box design for customers to download, which works well when printed to card, trimmed and glued. Letter size format:  IA_PlayingCardsBox_Letter (PDF 5MB) A4 size […]

Inked Adventures Map&Dice Playing Cards

| 13th May 2015

  Specialised pre-printed Inked Adventures Map&Dice Playing Cards are now available through DriveThruCards (also on TheGameCrafter soon).  These are standard sized US-Bridge playing cards with a smooth professional finish and rounded edges. Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.25 inches. Features: Randomised dice results, d20, d6 and d100/% Hand drawn geomorph style dungeon areas on every card (excluding the Jokers). Each with descriptive titles for easy […]

Cardboard Warriors Nepal Bundle (inc. Inked Adventures products)

| 3rd May 2015

This Nepal earthquake relief product bundle is now live on DriveThruRPG. $15 for 30 products by nine publishers. All proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders/MSF or Inked Adventures have donated Crypts, Tombs, Catacombs; Rustic Timber Blocks; Large Dungeon Entrance; Rooms for Warlocks; Heroically Sized Furniture Counters 1 & 2. It’s a genuine honour […]