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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Nepal Earthquake Relief Charity Product Bundles

| 30th April 2015

It’s really cool to see that many game publishers have been so willing to set up and donate profit directly from their products to charities who will, and currently are, helping in the utterly tragic Nepal earthquake disaster zone.  Inked Adventures were pleased to have been approached by Kabuki Kaiser, who has allowed us to […]

Pop-out steps free downloads

| 27th April 2015

OldSchoolDM has been organising an inspiring project over at the Cardboard Warriors forum.  Different designers and publishers have been submitting papercraft scenery pieces (25-30mm scale) based on one page cut-file nets of pop-up/out steps.  I thought I’d give it a go, but I must confess the members of the Card Warriors community are always much better […]

Inked Adventures Blocks Rustic Timber Interior Pack now available

| 17th April 2015

Inked Adventures Blocks Rustic Interior – for all your tavern/hovel/town manor/urban building needs. ;) Reduced Sale Price of $2.90

Inked Adventures Wooden Floor Cut-Up Sheets Free Download

| 8th April 2015

Wooden Floor Cut-Up Sheets (Free Download) Now available as a free download on DriveThruRPG: Or download the PDFs from this site (see below) Scale: 1inch grid suitable for 25/27/30mm minis or figures.  Printable PDFs. Letter and A4 page format. Colour and black/white line art provided. (4x  1 page PDFs) These wooden floor cut-up sections will […]

Trapdoor dungeon crawl game illustrated with Inked Adventures tile sections

| 5th April 2015

 Trapdoor rules book – Trapdoor Games – DTRPG $8 / $15. It’s always an honour for our products to appear in the games by other publishers (with permission, naturally).    Trapdoor is a fast play dungeon crawl which reminds us a lot of games like miniatures-focussed games like Advanced HeroQuest and Warhammer Quest, games from which […]