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GeekyLyndsay and Tom(DB)Lommel cosplaying “Dungeons & Dragons” at Ennies 2014. Dress by @GeekyLyndsay. Photo by @Nullzone42 (Twitter name tags)

A little delayed from August, but here is a photo of the exuberant GeekyLyndsay at the Ennies 2014 in an awesome dress she made herself with patience and dedication, using the printed cotton sporting our geomorphic map designs.  In fact it was by GL’s request that we started to submit designs to the Spoonflower site. Thanks to her and others who are crafting such wonderful stuff.  The fabric shown here can be purchased from Billiam Babble’s Spoonflower page.

GeekyLyndsay dress making with Inked Adventures Fabric

An “in progress” photo of the geomorphic map fabric being transformed into a garment.
Photo by @GeekyLyndsay

The Spoonflower fabrics are perfect for home tailored clothes, curtains and, presumably, the ultimate in gaming tablecloths.


Folk selling products employing the map fabrics:
All Rolled Up
Novelty gaming accessory fabric wallets
Greyed Out Dice Bags on Etsy

Spoonflower Billiam Babble Inked Adventures Dungeon Fabric All Rolled UpGreyed Out Dice Bag Lucy cat with dice bag

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