Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Forest Cut-Up Sheets -Images and Examples

Forest Cut-Up Sheets

Printable PDF 6 pages of foliage and grass (three colour schemes)
Image files: 300DPI 2100×2700 graphic files for personal use in art programs

Merged sample of art

promo layerschopped


Suggestions of use in play (mock-ups)

Dark tree counters on one printed sheet of light green grass


Or … light green grass path sections and clearings laid over two sheets of dark green foliage



Downloadable PDF How-to-Use guide (free)
Click on graphic to view  / download



Thumbnails of pages in Forest Cut-Ups PDF file




The sheets/counters are printed here on matt white card with  inkjet set to “normal” print settings

forest_cut_up_sheets__Inked_Adventures___ forest_cut_up_sheets__Inked_Adventures_____2


The Forest Cut-Up Sheets downloadable pack is now on DriveThruRPG and other OBS sites.
$3 usd  £1.80 gbp   €2.24 euros  $3.22 aus  $3.27 cad

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