Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Improvising with dungeon tiles

I am amazed at the resourcefulness of some DMs.  Tabletop gamer, Steve Clarkson, sent me these maps, which are composited using different commercial mapping graphics -including adapted Inked Adventures products (plus EVG’s Vexing Sands) and even old rough pieces I’d stashed away on my deviant art page.

I think that they are rather awesome. :)

Inked Adventures primarily publish printable dungeon sections (which are cut up and assembled at the gaming table) – and have yet to wander to deeply into the electronic world of VTT maps, but it’s something IA are looking into.  Steve, like other customers, has also requested outdoor sections/tiles, especially forests  – which given enough time will definitely become a reality (given enough time … and a little self-cloning…).

Happy dungeoneering!

Billiam Babble, artist for Inked Adventures.
October 2013.

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