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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Ye Olde Inn HeroQuest Inked Adventures competition winners

I’m a little late with this … by nearly a month!
Sjeng over at Ye Olde Inn’s Hero Quest community blog has announced the winners to their competition where entrants were asked to submit photos and a game report of Inked Adventures Large Scale Geomorph Tiles in use in a game (or using the sample pack at least)
Congratulations and thank yous to IvanBach and Daedalus for their wonderful photo submissions.

(If Flash isn’t enabled: Try viewing IvanBach’s  Flickr photo-story set here)

“The Barrow”
Daedalus’s resourcefully inventive use of 5ft wide
corridors and scenery from the free sample set
(click for larger picture)

Thanks again for downloading our products, having fun and spreading the word! :)

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