Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles 10×10 for 25/28/30mm minis

| 28th April 2013

Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Large Geomorph Tiles “Downloadable ZIP pack includes: 128 printable numbered 10×10 tiles – print to paper or thin card for minimal assembly (64 designs plus mirror versions – entrance and edge tiles included) Numbered notes sheets with tile thumbnails. Graphics files for use with image editting and VTT software. Bonus printable […]

Sneak peek at the bonus scenery for the 10x10in Geomorph Tiles (work in progress)

| 7th April 2013

The new large scale Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Large Scale 10 inch Geomorph Tiles* will be including a few extras, such as free standing doors and scenery counters. (*working title) Clickable thumbnails:     -Billiam B, Inked Adventures. 7th April 2013. billiambabble -at-