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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Replacement Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles

| 25th January 2013

I’ve found in the original pack that there were a couple of repeat tiles (tiles 97 and 98 in the DM’s notes file) so I’ve replaced them with the following graphics. If you bought through the OBS sites (DriveThru, RPGNow, WargameVault etc) the product will have been automatically updated in your Library. This design may […]

Gaming with the kids

| 12th January 2013

If you’ve tried to create your own dungeon crawl game or tried to play something resembling D&D with your own children then you’ll appreciate most of Rab’s observations in his blog, The Geekly Digest Rab has been working on a children-friendly fantasy RPG called GoblinQuest (working title). In the play-testing with his sons I’m honoured […]

Geomorph Tiles promo gif

| 5th January 2013

Here is promotional animated gif which shows off some of the Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles