Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Giant dungeon maps on walls!

| 30th December 2012

Jack Berberette / The Game Hermit has been constructing a HUGE dungeon map on his game room wall using Inked Adventures Modular Dungeon Sections (with some designs from the Square Dungeon Tiles, I believe) Slide show of a few photos (flash required) These were taken from one of   The Game Hermit’s photo albums on […]

Merry Dungeons and Happy Things!

| 24th December 2012

Store: Here’s wishing you all a great holiday season. Thank you for following, downloading and buying, or just dropping in to the tiny corner of the net that is Inked Adventures. Here’s also hoping that the New Year and MMXIII will bring you ever so slightly closer to your dreams. May you dungeons be […]

Dungeon Map

| 22nd December 2012

Positive Reviews and Explanation of Scale

| 14th December 2012

I’m really appreciating the positive reviews and 4-5 star ratings for the Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles on DriveThru/RPGNow sites.  Some of these reviews, a handful of emails and forum posts keep coming back to the fact that the geomorphs are not scaled for 28mm figures, so I’m adding the following paragraphs to the product description, […]

Mock-up map views using geomorph tiles

| 9th December 2012

Another mock-up lay-out of the geomorph tiles. (Deviant Art entry ) Adapted from this: (Deviant Art: Tumblr: Product link: Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles on DriveThruRPG