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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

WIP photos of precolour art for geomorph tiles

| 13th October 2012

Okay I know this is a bit random and I apologise for the low quality, but here are a few more samples of some of the initial art for the pack of geomorphs I’m working on. (I’m preparing this post on an iPad – hopefully, everything will get beamed to the right place when finished!)

Inked Adventures on Tumblr, Fb and Blogger

| 5th October 2012

Not much new news.  I’m still plodding away on these geomorphic style tiles (see previous) and a few top secret projects.  If you’re a bit of a networking addict and would like to follow random pictures from Inked Adventures on Tumblr, the address is  Also feel free to friend me for updates and general […]