Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Thank you for buying and donating to Doctors Without Borders!

| 16th June 2012

I must give ongoing thanks to anyone buying or thinking about buying the 3D Furniture and the Evil Summonings products! Since late August last year sales from these products have been donated to Doctors Without Borders / Medecin Sans Frontieres.   My sales reports state that from the 46 products sold* somewhere between $80 and $120 […]

Review of Inked Adventures products on YouTube :)

| 3rd June 2012

I’ve caught up with this one a few weeks late, but I’m really flattered by this review by DungeonMaster Mark (YouTube) (Mark on Fb) on YouTube.   If you can’t see the embedded player, this is the link:   Thanks, DungeonMaster Mark!