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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Cartography for Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands

| 26th March 2012

Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands (Raging Swan Press) $9.99 A few days ago Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands was released by Raging Swan Press.  To my eyes, it’s a storming tribute to the low level modules sold with the early D&D boxed sets – but that’s an interpretation.  It’s Pathfinder and D&D3.5 friendly – […]

Savage Cellar Floor Plan Tile now available

| 4th March 2012

The Savage Cellar Floor Plan Tile  is now available on all good Onebookshelf sites (DriveThru, RPGNow etc.) Suitable for fantasy and horror, this two-level room will be ideal for those interdimensional  encounters! (Going for a song on DriveThru!)