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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Seasons Greetings from Inked Adventures

Seasons Greetings to visitors, customers and fans of Inked Adventures


I used this picture last year, but it would be wrong for a publisher of printable gaming accessories not to encourage “recycling”. ;)

Thank you again to customers and followers of Inked Adventures, and here’s wishing you all fluffy season season and nice new year. :)

I hoping to bring out new stuff just a little faster in 2012 – but the artists keep making preposterous demands, like asking for food and water.  The audacity!

(Feel free to drop by my other blog where I moan about Christmas whilst detailing seasonal special offers…)


Happy Positive Seasonalness!

World Peace, poly dice and all that.


Don’t forget to tip the gaoler on the way out.

(After all,  it is Christmas.)


Billiam B.

Inked Adventures, Dec 2011

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