Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Encounter Lairs 4 Barrow Tomb now on sale

| 28th November 2011

Encounter Lairs 4 Barrow Tomb now on sale at DriveThru, RPGNow and other OneBookShelf sites. Reduced starting price! A mere $1.99! Description: A Dungeon Section “Barrow Tomb” by Billiam Babble of Inked Adventures With Printable Miniatures by Dave “Kiladecus” Wears Suitable for most RPGs or tabletop wargames in a fantasy setting using 1 inch grid […]

Cover preview of EL4 Barrow Tomb

| 27th November 2011

The time is ripe. The Undead King is nearly risen ….

Raging Swan Press – Treasure Maps

| 11th November 2011

This is more related to Billiam Babble (the penny scraping artist) than to the Inked Adventures brand (with global aspirations!), but fans of all things hand-drawn-dungeony may like to check out some details of player handouts commissioned for Raging Swan Press (LJ link) (Store) Click here for direct link to Deviant Art slideshow DriveThru Product […]