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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Shopping page for gamers

“Shopping for Gamers” has been added to the Inked Adventures website. This page has links to popular OneBookShelf stores specialising in pen’n’paper RPGs, table top war games, downloadable comics and fiction. Go on, treat yourself to a sneaky secret bargain before Christmas. ;) For the love of shopping! :) -Bb.

Edit 15.01.11 – My reviews of other games have now been exported to a new blog with a feed and many other links.  Check out: Adventures and Shopping

Edit: I’m receiving about 150+ spam comments a week, so I’ve decided to restrict comments to users who register themselves only.*  I apologise for the inconvenience this causes but it’ll save me a lot of time per week checking through spam.  Feel free to email me directly regarding any entries or requests: I can also post comments or quotations under the appropriate entries if that’s what people wish.  Thank you so much for following Inked Adventures! :)  Bb 09.12.10

(* Once I work out how to add a Register/Sign In button…)

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