Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Product: Skeletal Archway & Portal

| 31st July 2010

A further whetting of appetites… Dare your adventurers pass through the Skeletal Archway! Of perhaps they wish to see what happens when they enter a mystery portal … Maybe armies of the dead are pouring forth through this inter-dimensional gateway… (Thanks to Mortis from the Lost and the Damned Forum for the suggestion that the […]

Win the Dungeon Demon map editor!

| 17th July 2010

Win the Dungeon Demon map editor! Dungeon Demon is the creation of Rusty Axe Games. This map editor program can be used with a selection of different art packs.  The “Printer Friendly Dungeon Art Pack” (PFDAP) and two other packs use similar designs to the art in the sets which are downloadable from this website. […]

New pages on site and strike

| 16th July 2010

Site update New Pages:  Gallery, Links, Product Downloads. (Apologies for repetition of content) Delay There’s been a delay in the launch of the official Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Pieces “Basic Pack” / Pack 1.  This is due to an organised strike of Dwarven Architects and a disagreement with Elven Scribes over scale measurements.  Negotiations are taking […]