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Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Quick and dirty examples of free sample pack in use

If the slideshow above does not work you can see the gallery here:

These are photos of dungeons which have been very quickly constructed using the free sample Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections pack – using a mixture of card, paper and glossy photo paper.

DMs should feel free to experiment with paper clips, glue or weighting, since paper and card can be an imperfect medium! ;)

Photo 4: This part of the dungeon layout a meant to portray a quest room or treasure chamber – using two of the smaller rooms in the sample pack spliced together (there will be a selection of larger chambers in the other Packs). To the right is a storage and cess/drain room. Note also the pit trap counter – which is reversible for when the trap is reset. Unfortunately paper is curling a little on the larger room – I recommend strong card! The stand-up door is printed on photo paper and glued back to back – or more careful DM would trim off any white overlaps. The intention of these photos was to demonstrate a very rapid dungeon construction. N.B. the pieces are reusable, but since an unlimited number can be printed a DM can also glue pieces to background tiles before play.

– Bb 06.10

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