Inked Adventures

Hand drawn modular dungeon sections

Sample Dungeon Pack is now available for FREE on!

Modular Dungeon Sections - Sample on Lulu

Sample Pack is now available at for free!


Some credits and acknowledgements are required here, since they are not in the document itself. Thanks for tips, encouragement and suggestions from Mortis and the motley crew at The Lost and the Damned– especially for reversal counters and stand-up doors.  I mustn’t forget all the nice lunatics on Deviant Art ;)  Thanks also to Rusty Axe Games for prompting me to build up a collection of dungeon graphics for a forthcoming dungeon editor program (watch this space!).

The title font is “Worn Manuscript Rough” from Dafont (by Phillip G. Andrade of drybohnz ).

I dedicate this and all future packs to long suffering friends and family – their worried half smiles indicate that I haven’t completely disappeared into a dungeon of the mind!  – Bb :)

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