Improvising with dungeon tiles

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I am amazed at the resourcefulness of some DMs.  Tabletop gamer, Steve Clarkson, sent me these maps, which are composited using different commercial mapping graphics -including adapted Inked Adventures products (plus EVG’s Vexing Sands) and even old rough pieces I’d stashed away on my deviant art page.

I think that they are rather awesome. :)

Inked Adventures primarily publish printable dungeon sections (which are cut up and assembled at the gaming table) – and have yet to wander to deeply into the electronic world of VTT maps, but it’s something IA are looking into.  Steve, like other customers, has also requested outdoor sections/tiles, especially forests  – which given enough time will definitely become a reality (given enough time … and a little self-cloning…).

Happy dungeoneering!

Billiam Babble, artist for Inked Adventures.
October 2013.

I’m a little late with this … by nearly a month!
Sjeng over at Ye Olde Inn’s Hero Quest community blog has announced the winners to their competition where entrants were asked to submit photos and a game report of Inked Adventures Large Scale Geomorph Tiles in use in a game (or using the sample pack at least)
Congratulations and thank yous to IvanBach and Daedalus for their wonderful photo submissions.

(If Flash isn’t enabled: Try viewing IvanBach’s  Flickr photo-story set here)

“The Barrow”
Daedalus’s resourcefully inventive use of 5ft wide
corridors and scenery from the free sample set
(click for larger picture)

Thanks again for downloading our products, having fun and spreading the word! :)

Competitions and photos from players

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A massive thank you to the Frugal GM for running their recent competition and a massive congratulations to the winner Dungeon Mama for her adventure report and superb photos of our tiles in use.

Frugal GM competition winner announcement page
Dungeon Mama’s Beginning Gaming
“A Dungeon for Dominion Day” 

A very cool review and competition has been posted at Ye Olde Inn – a blog specialising in playing and customising the classic dungeon board game RPG HeroQuest.

Inked Adventures’ own designs are greatly influenced by the art in games like HeroQuest, AHQ and Warhammer Quest, so seems apt (and an honour) that HQ players might choose to use our tiles.

A sample of photos by Sjeng at Ye Olde Inn – Review and Contest

Papercrafting artist, designer and blogger, Sirrob01 has created a beautiful set of dungeon sections using the Inked Adventures Basic Pack – with modifications. :)

Sirrob01 has modified the Inked Adventures Dungeon Sections Basic Pack ( ) which is deliberately irregular in order to suit many maps in games – it even has diagonal passages.  For simpler, but slightly more regular tiles, the Square Dungeon Tiles set ( ) is also one of our bestsellers.  Free bonus tiles :

Inked Adventures products on DriveThruRPG / RPGNow (OBS sites)
Inked Adventures products available through Paizo

Happy Free RPG Day 2013!
If you haven’t already downloaded all of the free stuff that we put on our DriveThruRPG store page you may find this link handy:
There’s free products there all the year round.
(and don’t forget Father’s Day tomorrow…) ;)

Win buy download free ;)

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Frugal DM Competition – Win Inked Adventures Products

Frugal DM are running a cool competition where you can win Inked Adventures products (or DTRPG gift-card equivalent)  when you submit a winning photo of Inked Adventures tiles or sections being used in-game.

Full details here:


Grey Matter Games release Deadly Missions Fantasy Dungeon

Grey Matter Games have put together a smooth bundle which combines printable figures, special combat rules and our square tiles pack.  All of the items can also be bought separately.  The bundle is in fact a complete stand-alone dungeon crawling battle game. If you like to try out new systems with great looking accessories be sure to check this out. (Also ideal as a gift)

Free Sample Tiles

Download six 10″sq tiles taken from the new large geomorph pack for free!

On DriveThruRPG:

Full product  (124 printable tiles
with counters, doors and  jpgs)
Free 10in hand drawn tiles on DriveThruRPG

Dungeon Map

To illustrate the versatility of just the 6 free tiles I’ve composited a low-res large dungeon map which you are free to download and use in your campaigns as a guide or player’s handout. (Please note that only printable tiles in a PDF are included in the free sample pack – jpgs for every tile map editing are provided in the full product)
samplepack_examplemapmerge freetilesmap_IA_Bb2013 freetilesmap-bw_IA_Bb2013

Right-click on the fully opened images to save to your computer, or “save target as…” from the thumbnails.

Just out!  Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Large Geomorph Tiles (25/28/30mm scale)


Available on DriveThruRPG and other OBS sites for $8


Instructions PDF (5mb)


Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Large Geomorph Tiles

“Downloadable ZIP pack includes: 128 printable numbered 10×10 tiles – print to paper or thin card for minimal assembly (64 designs plus mirror versions – entrance and edge tiles included) Numbered notes sheets with tile thumbnails. Graphics files for use with image editting and VTT software. Bonus printable free-standing doors, rubble, spiral steps, chest and pit-trap counters (black and white art)”

Click on thumbnail to view large version of promotional poster image.

Launch immanent! ;)

The new large scale Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Large Scale 10 inch Geomorph Tiles* will be including a few extras, such as free standing doors and scenery counters.
(*working title)

Clickable thumbnails:
Inked Adventures 2013 Inked Adventures 2013
Inked Adventures 2013 Inked Adventures 2013


-Billiam B, Inked Adventures. 7th April 2013.
billiambabble -at-

Packaging for Geomorph Tiles from TGC

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Our first glimpse of the Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles from The Game Crafter in their new packaging. The foam inlay has two bays which are handy in play for organising the tile deck. We’re also considering a more compact box, but for now this is what the pre-print tiles from TGC arrive in. (The tiles are 3.5 in sq appx each)

The Game Crafter preprinted cards:
Or the PDF version on DTRPG:

Prototype testing for large scale/figure geomorph tiles. The larger tiles are 10”x10” – to the standard scale of 1″=5′=1sq – as requested by many of the customers who bought the hand drawn geomorph tiles (which are a small, yet handy, 3 to 3.5 inches square).  Each tile is cut from two pages printed on card.

The art was originally intended for small tiles only, I’m impressed at how the pen art looks at a larger size – naturally all of the inaccuracies have been expanded too. ;)

I must confess, I ended up playing with the Lego whilst setting this up.  I dedicate these images to everyone who supplements their tabletop games with Lego minifigs.

Billiam B.
3 March 2013

Packs of Geomorph Tiles on TheGameCrafter

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Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles from The Game Crafter site

Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles from The Game Crafter site with rounded corners!

We’ve having a few hiccups just trying to make the Geomorph Dungeon Tiles available in printed form through TheGameCrafter site.

I’m now able to buy my own boxed tile packs (72, 3.5in square, cards per pack) from this page:

Hopefully everyone else will be able to too, and hopefully our product will appear in the searchable store index.

These tiles are slightly larger than the those in the PDF on DTRPG – they are three and half inches square.  I’ll be working on figure scale geomorph tiles soon.

TheGameCrafter is a Print On Demand site, so prices can sometimes be a little higher than card games that are printed in bulk.  Also watch out for postal insurance and high shipping charges.  In the UK I had an extra handling charge after the package was stopped by customs.  If it happens again I’ll but up a note on the TheGameCrafter store page recommending the product to US and Canadian customers only – all other buyers beware! ;)

Free Sample Geomorph Tiles

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A Free Sample of 5 tiles from the Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles product is now available to down from DriveThruRPG and other OBS sites.
Preview of the Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles Free Sample PDF

Replacement Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles

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I’ve found in the original pack that there were a couple of repeat tiles (tiles 97 and 98 in the DM’s notes file) so I’ve replaced them with the following graphics.

If you bought through the OBS sites (DriveThru, RPGNow, WargameVault etc) the product will have been automatically updated in your Library. This design may also become available in a free sample pack – to be published shortly.

Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles on DriveThru:

Thanks for reading. :)

Gaming with the kids

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If you’ve tried to create your own dungeon crawl game or tried to play something resembling D&D with your own children then you’ll appreciate most of Rab’s observations in his blog, The Geekly Digest

Rab has been working on a children-friendly fantasy RPG called GoblinQuest (working title). In the play-testing with his sons I’m honoured to see that he has been using the Inked Adventures Modular Dungeon Sections. Check out his blog for more information.

(All photos courtesy of Rab’s Geekly Digest)

Geomorph Tiles promo gif

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Here is promotional animated gif which shows off some of the Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles



Giant dungeon maps on walls!

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Jack Berberette / The Game Hermit has been constructing a HUGE dungeon map on his game room wall using Inked Adventures Modular Dungeon Sections (with some designs from the Square Dungeon Tiles, I believe)
Slide show of a few photos (flash required)

These were taken from one of   The Game Hermit’s photo albums on Facebook.

Excellent! :)

Merry Dungeons and Happy Things!

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Inked Adventures Festive Banner

Here’s wishing you all a great holiday season. Thank you for following, downloading and buying, or just dropping in to the tiny corner of the net that is Inked Adventures. Here’s also hoping that the New Year and MMXIII will bring you ever so slightly closer to your dreams.

May you dungeons be beautiful!

-Billiam Babble, December 2012.

Dungeon Map

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Random Dungeon Level Map Inked Adventures Billiam Babble

Just a randomly doodled map - because I know you like this sort of thing. ;)

Positive Reviews and Explanation of Scale

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I’m really appreciating the positive reviews and 4-5 star ratings for the Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles on DriveThru/RPGNow sites.  Some of these reviews, a handful of emails and forum posts keep coming back to the fact that the geomorphs are not scaled for 28mm figures, so I’m adding the following paragraphs to the product description, by way of clarification.
Please Note – Small Scale Product
Unlike some of the other Inked Adventures products these Geomorph Tiles are not scaled for use with 25-28mm figures. Each tile represents a large dungeon area and is only 8cm (3.2 in) across to minimise whitespace waste. The 10×10 grid on each tile means that each square 8mm (0.3in) wide.
Small geomorph tiles have been used in gaming since the 1970s mainly for map planning and reference in play (wikipedia)
If you require hand drawn 1in=5ft scale tiles or ready-to-use floor plan sections for use with miniature figures may we recommend our Square Dungeon Tiles or our popular Modular Sections Basic Pack.
Once printed onto thin card, the 8x8cm (3.1in) size tiles can be stacked in a compact card deck, ideal for planning or playing “megadungeon” games on small to modestly sized tables – as with traditional geomorphs.
Please feel free to contact me if you have purchased this product hoping that it was the same scale as our Modular Sections or Square Dungeon Tiles, or are disappointed in any way.  Email: billiambabble -at-
As well as a possible print-on-demand pre-cut release through the Game Crafter site, I am considering releasing the 300dpi tile graphics in PNG format for use with virtual tabletop software (VTT).  This also means that customers will also be able to scale-up the files any dimension when printing.
Thanks for reading.  May your dungeons be beautiful! :)
-Bb 12/12

Mock-up map views using geomorph tiles

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Another mock-up lay-out of the geomorph tiles. (Deviant Art entry )

Adapted from this:

(Deviant Art: Tumblr:

Product link: Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles on DriveThruRPG


Staggering Geomorph Tiles

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Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Geomorphs being employed in a staggered grid


Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Geomorph tiles can be used with alternate rows being staggered.
This also creates increased variety when exiting an area in random play because one tile now can connect to 6 other tiles.
The Hand Drawn Geomorphs Tiles can be downloaded here:


Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Geomorph Tiles

Available now at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow $5.50 (reduced from $7.50)

Mock-up map test for the forthcoming Inked Adventures Geomorph Tiles Pack PDF

Okay I know this is a bit random and I apologise for the low quality, but here are a few more samples of some of the initial art for the pack of geomorphs I’m working on. (I’m preparing this post on an iPad – hopefully, everything will get beamed to the right place when finished!)

Inked Adventures on Tumblr, Fb and Blogger

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Not much new news.  I’m still plodding away on these geomorphic style tiles (see previous) and a few top secret projects.  If you’re a bit of a networking addict and would like to follow random pictures from Inked Adventures on Tumblr, the address is 
Also feel free to friend me for updates and general commentary on geekery on Facebook
Depending upon where you are reading this you may like to know that the original site is:
…but comments have been disabled due to a spam bot invasion fleet…
So I’ve also running my mirror site (secret base) on blogger:
…where eagles fly free and comments are possible.
You’ll find Billiam Babble also lurking in places unsavoury, linked from those sites. You have been warned!
Billiam Babble also sends apologies to anyone receiving trojan spam links in emails from his Yahoo account which was recently hacked.  He will always include a sensible header text and explanation of any links contained. billiambabble -at- yahoo co uk is still a safe address to bother him on.
Billiam also apologies for sometimes typing in the third person tense, but he likes to pretend that Inked Adventures is actually a massive corporation which creates formal press releases and notices of great importance.  Billiam’s doctor has been notified.
Whilst I’m posting links, here’s that shop link again:
which takes you to the DriveThru page.
Thanks for browsing!
Bb, late in 2012.

Geomorphic Dungeon Tiles early sneak peak

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Geomorphic dungeon tiles by billiam babble Inked Adventures 2012

These geomorphic dungeon tiles are still a work in progress, intended primarily as a pre-print product, but possibly a PDF as well. The trick is to make enough tiles for the pack to be truly random and fun to use (at least 40 unique tiles plus a few corridor repeats). The final cards will be approximately 3.5 inches square with blank parchment coloured backs so that they can be laid out on the table and turned over when a new area is entered. The grid scale is either 5ft or 10ft depending upon how grand the Dungeon Master like their dungeon to be – still too small for minis, but a fun RPG play-aid nonetheless. I’m currently working on entrances and exits from the megadungeon map “within” the tiles (whilst retaining all four exits). The edge of the tile map will be the edge of the table. I’m still divided about whether or not to include terminating “edge” tiles. I may throw in some blanks because part of the attraction of geomorphic style tiles is drawing your own. So many “mights” and “maybes”!

Watch this space! Digging in progress …

Mugs, bags and t-shirts on CafePress

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Totally random plug for some of our designs on CafePress (monsters and RPG-related):

 Billiam Babble’s Store Page:

Thanks for browsing. :)

A Delver’s Adventure Sheet

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… character sheet, record sheet, stats card etc..

In a break from our usual programming I’ve decided to have a go at designing a character sheet with hand drawn elements for the Tunnels & Trolls game.  Not an official product (free download), I reckon a player could get by using this landscape character sheet -inspired, mainly, by gamebooks.

Since the elements were drawn on paper and then assembled in GIMP, the text then added in open office, I’m hoping that I can get away with it’s roughness  being a homage to Letraset and wood print. ;)  Next time I’ll plan it better and just draw the whole thing as one art piece.

I hoping I haven’t missed anything out that’s too obvious.



The PDF:  aDelversAdventureSheet_billiambabble_inkedadventures_2012_v1.pdf (350KB)

Image file (click on thumbnail, then right click on image to save):

Happy Delving!


(Comments disabled on main site due to spam sorry – try the blogger page)

Massive thanks to my friends at RC for writing such a splendid and unexpected review of my Square Dungeon Tiles.

It made my day! :)


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Some early designs for small geomorphic tiles. Not quite sure where I’m going with these – maybe the colours will be brown-sepia ink on parchment.  If I make enough I guess I could actually get some pack printed through TheGameCrafter.

The Dungeon Master can choose if the grid is 5ft or 10ft.

Ideally a respectable pack of geomorphs needs to have at least 36 tiles (possibly all being unique).  So far I only have a handful – but they are lots of fun to draw. :) 

We’ll see…